Cha Cha Cha Gold Routine 2 Notes

General Notes:
  • See also: Cha Cha Technique Latin Technique
  • Keep low connection, flat wrist. Appropriate tension, not artificially stiff and hard.
  • Turns (spirals, fwd walk turns, swivels): delay head turn, suck tummy, use center to be sharper.  e.g.:  Going into New York, Alemana, Hockey Stick, Spiral into Aida

Start: in Open Position. Man's LH to Lady's RH. Man's weight on his LF, RF back. Lady's weight on her RF, LF front.

  1. Open Basic  (234&1 234&1) Man BDC. Focus on the connection. Delay. Dynamic. See Starting the dance in Cha Cha Technique.
  2. Natural Top  (23) Lady: lock step fwd (4&1) 
    • 23: just 2 steps of Natural Top. 
    • 4&1: Then, Lady does forward lock to Man's R side, prepare for Hip Twist. small step, but show hip action. arms connected with Man, quiet.
  3. Advanced Hip Twist  (234&1) with accent, then into Fan (234&1)
    • Accent on 1: RF to side, accent, head sharp turn to R, body is still parallel to Man. L shoulder slightly up, R side squeeze, R hip high, matching Man's line. Looking direction: diagonal. 
  4. Hockey Stick  (234&1 234&1)  
    • Finish with side chasse, together with Man, Lady facing center.  Keep the distance with Man.
  5. New York LSP  (2&3&4&1) syncopated. Lady:
    • Keep tone in arms, fast, keep arm in middle and not moving around. Suck tummy.
    • Eye very focused on one spot (New Yorker), then immediately another spot (your partner), not wandering.
    • Lady keep LF planted, swivel LF but not moving LF anywhere else. 
    • 2: 1/4 turn to L, LF fwd, New Yorker, Fast, 
    • &: 1/4 turn to R, facing Man, weight on LF, L leg bent
    • 3: RF to side, squeeze R side, R hip high, weight still on LF. LH patty cake.
    • &: weight on LF
    • 4&: repeat New Yorker.
    • 1: weight on to RF, settle on R hip. Weight more forward, suck tummy. 2 hand hold.
  6. Cuban Break RF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Squeeze side
  7. New York LSP  (234&1)
    • More "aggressive", with power, picture line
  8. Spot Turn, Man To L (Lady to R)  (234&1) Both turns, with accent
    • Styling at finish: Lady finish with RH on Man's chest. L arm up high to side of head, (or out, or on waist)
  9. Cross Basic w/ Lady's Inside Turn (2&34&1 234&1) Guapacha timing
    • Man leading with chest for Guapacha timing. Lady reacts.
    • Then Lady's L arm connects with Man's R arm for cross basic. 
    • Last 23: going down same direction as earlier lock step, don't cross too much. 
    • 4&1: finish to the side, with Lady facing LOD. Turn along the line with an extra quarter turn. (total 1 3/4 turn). 
    • Arm finish to the side, connected lower with Man.
  10. New York LSP  (234&1) w/ Ronde Chasse
    • More "aggressive" version of New Yorker.
    • Smalls step, ronde is half circle, everything under the body. compact. Squeeze side to raise R hip. L side chest forward.
    • Finish on 1: settle on R hip, suck tummy, chest to Man, but don't lean forward with shoulder and body, pressure in hands.
  11. Alemana  (234&1) switch hand to RH to RH.
    • End of 1: Lady do not let elbow go behind body before turning.
  12. Advanced Hip Twist  (234&1 234&1) w/ Lady's Inside Spiral Turn into Fan position
    • 23: sharp turn, settle R hip, arm breathe. Lady's LH on top of Man's R shoulder.
    • 4&1: Advanced version: Lady twist more, RF cross in front of LF, pressed. 
    • At end of 1&, turn 90 to right, settle R hip. Really important to keep R arm connection strong, especially for one hand hold connection.
    • 23: Inside spiral on 3 and then three step turn (step-together-back) ending in Fan position. Be more clear with direction. 
  13. Hockey Stick  (234&1 234&1) finish with Man forward lock, Lady back lock
    • Ending diagonal.
  14. Open Basic  (234&1)
  15. Natural Top  (234&1 234&1) with Lady's Inside Turn on 1st chasse
    • Man has turn at the end, both almost against LOD.
  16. Follow My Leader  (234&1 234&1 234&1) last chasse lady L turn finish Fan Position
    • Lady: walk a S from bottom. Man and Lady going in the same direction.
      • 2: LF fwd (don't completely turn away from Man), "follow" Man's direction, slow curve to L
      • 3: RF fwd, curving to L.
      • 4&1, a bit more straight, 
      • 23: then start curving to R.
      • 4&1: more straight
      • 2: LF fwd
      • 3: RF fwd walk turn, turn at end of 3
      • 4&1: 4 - LF step down, then &: feet together, and turn, end in Fan position 1: LF back, Lady about BLOD
  17. Alemana  (234&1 234&1) ending Man facing wall, Lady facing center
  18. New York LSP  (234&1) along LOD
    • finish with Lady's Spiral on 1, settle on R hip.
  19. Aida w/ Rock and Spot Turn finish (234&1 234&1 234&1) 
    • At the end, switch hand hold to RH to RH
    • After rock, for spot turn, directly turn head 180 half turn, no stopping in middle.
  20. Turkish Towel  (234&1 234&1 234&1 234&1 234&1 234&1) ending in open single hand hold like starting position
    • Last set: 234&1: on Man's L again. at end of 1, spiral to L, 1/2 turn. (Alternatively, spiral on next 3, see below)
    • 234&1: 23: continue with L turn (1/2 turn), 4&1: lock step back. (Alternatively: 2: normal LF fwd check. 3: side, spiral to L, continue with 2&3 turning L, finish in open position.)