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Quickstep *

Note! These are notes from dance classes prior to 2004. They are archived here for occasional reference.

* American style competition does not include Quickstep. But it is danced socially in America. The notes here are from classes taught by American Style dance teachers. Thus, this notes is listed under American Style.

Tips and Notes:
  • Should curl the toes up, so that the ball of the foot and the inside edge of foot are working the floor. Common mistake is to curl toes down, which pushes me to outside edges of feet, gives a popping-up feeling, and adversely affects my balance. On chassés and locks, when coming out, think of curling the toes up, and lifting the toes, rather than pushing off the back toes. Keeping the toes curled up will also help the spin turn.
  • Wing: step out with right foot across lady in CBMP. I want to minimize the distance she has to travel. Once I've stepped across, just turn my frame, don't rise up, let any rise happen in the ribs only. I want to maintain our relative frames as she steps around me.
  • Running finish. Don't bounce up, stay level, and maintain our relative frames, she is always supposed to be on my right side.
  • Spin Turn: finish natural turning backing diagonal center. Step straight back down line of dance with LF, turning rib cage right and lowering in CBMP. Coming out, shape in line for back half of basic, shape strongly right for lockstep into V6.
  • Timing. Want to clearly settle on second quick. Timing Jeffrey talked about was QQ&S, so that I emphasize settling, and distinguish between the quicks and the slow.
All the other stuff won't start improving until I start to get lower. I need to compress my legs beyond what I consider reasonable, and then suspend my rib cage forward.
  1. Forward Basic

    Start facing diagonal wall.
    S. RF forward
    Q. Turning frame an eight right to face wall, LF side on toe
    Q. RF to LF, on toes
    S. LF side, toe-heel, turn to back diagonal center
  2. Back Basic

    Start backing diagonal center
    S. RF back
    Q. Turn frame an eighth to left to face wall, LF side onto toe
    Q. RF to LF, pivot on LF to turn diagonal wall
    S. LF forward
  3. Back Basic with Chassé and Lock Step

    Start backing diagonal center
    S. RF back
    Q. eighth turn left, LF toe side
    Q. RF to LF, still on toes
    S. LF side, lower toe to heel
    S. RF forward, outside partner, turning frame slightly right
    Q. LF forward, turn frame further, to lead lady into lock step
    Q. RF lock step behind LF
    S. LF forward, into forward basic
  4. Natural Spin Turn to Chassé and Reverse Turn

    Coming from chasse quarter turn to lock step and quarter turn ending to backing line of dance
    S. LF back, half turn right
    S. RF forward with brush step, half turn right
    S. LF back
    S. RF back, QT left
    QQ. chasse, eighth turn left
    S. LF forward
    S. RF forward, outside partner
    S. LF forward, 3/8 turn left
    Q. RF back
    Q. LF back, crossing behind right
    S. RF back, QT left
    QQ. chasse
    S. back to basic
  5. Tipple Chassé to Right

    Start backing line of dance (after quarter turn)
    S. LF back, QT right
    QQ. chasse, QT turn right
    S. RF forward, QT turn right
    QQ. chasse or lockstep.
    S. LF side, back to basic
  6. Fish Tail

    After back basic with chassé.
    S. LF side.
    S. RF forward,outside partner, don't commit weight.
    Q, LF back, rising. Q, RFfeet together. QQ, lock step.
  7. Chassé Reverse Turn

    After natural turn ending of basic, end backing LOD by corner.
    SSS. spin turn, underturning so I end up facing DW along new LOD.
    S. RF back.
    QQ, chassé left, QT left.
    S, QT left, LF forward.
    S, RFforward.
    Q, LF cross behind RF for reverse turn.
    Q, RF back,turning to face DW, NLOD.
    S, LF forward.
  8. V6

    After natural turn and spin turn at corner, over turn so that I am backing DC on NLOD.
    QQ, back lock step: RF back, compressing. LF to RF crossing in front, rising..
    SS, RF back, LF back.
    QQ, feather step: RF back, still up, 1/8 turn left, LF side.
    S, RF forward, outside partner, lowering.
    QQ, lock step. S, LF forward.
  9. Back lockstep

    Typically coming off spin turn.
    S, LF back, shaping to bring partner outside.
    Q, RF back, on toes. Q, LF lock against RF on toes.
  10. Back Fishtail

    S, RF back, without committing weight, checking partner.
    S, CWLF.
    Q, RF forward, rising.
    Q, LF feet together.
    Q, RF back, shapingto bring partner outside.
    Q, LF lockstep.
  11. Natural Turn with Hesitation

    Start BLOD
    S. LF back, turning frame QT right
    S. RF side
    S. Drag LF to RF, turning frame DC
    SQQ. Box
    Back to Forward Basic
  12. Spin Turn

    Start BLOD.
    S. LF back, turning frame right.
    S. pivoting on LF, turn right, and place RF down LOD.
    S. pivoting on RF, LF back, so I am backing DC.
  13. Chassé Reverse Turn

    Start facing DC
    forward left turning box, QT
    back left turning box, QT
  14. Natural Turn

    Start DW near corner.
    Right turning box to backing LOD.
    S. LF back, turning frame.
    S. Pull RF to LF, turning frame to DW of new LOD, let lady get around me.
    S. LF forward.
    Continue to right turning box and spin turn.
  15. Natural Pivot

    Corner pattern
    Start backing LOD
    S. LF back, turning frame right half turn
    S. RF forward, should be facing diagonal wall to wall of new LOD, start turning frame for another half turn
    S. LF back, another half turn.
    S. RF forward, another half turn, to end facing DW or wall, and then go into chassé
  16. Back Lock and Running Finish

    Corner figure
    Start backing LOD.
    S. LF back, outside partner on my right.
    QQ. Back lock step.
    S. RF back, turn to DW on new LOD, go down but don't settle.
    S. LF back, turning frame DW on new LOD, keeping partner outside.
    QQ. Progressive run, lowering on second quick.
    continue into right turn and spin turn.
  17. Open Impetus to Wing

    Start BLOD
    SSS. Back Twinkle
    S. Promenade Position, RF forward
    QQ. Lady goes around me, I stretch my left side to bring her into closed position
    S. LF outside partner right.
    QQ. Chassé right.
    S. eighth turn of frame to left, RF continues down LOD.
    Can continue with Back Lock and Running Finish.
  18. Running Cross Chasse

    S. LF forward diagonal wall, starting outside partner, but changing frame inline
    Q. RF forward, inline.
    Q. LF forward, changing back to outside partner.
  19. Running Finish

    Start outside partner, backing LOD
    S. LF back, outside partner
    Turn frame to face center, Q, RF side, stay outside partner.
    Turn frame to DC, old LOD, or DW, new LOD, LF forward.
    Don't do rise and fall, just get up on toes and power through the quicks, these are runs, after all.
  20. Open Right Turn to Running Finish

    In class, we started this from open impetus, so that we were in promenade facing DC, then turning to closed.
    S. RF forward, then turn frame right, so that we are facing BDC, approximately
    Q. LF back,
    Q. RF back
    SQQ. Running finish.
  21. Open Weave to Fishtail

    Open Impetus to Wing
    S. Outside partner, LF steps down LOD, then start turning frame left
    Q. RF steps around partner, then turn on RF so that we are facing DW, outside partner.
    Q. LF forward.
    S. RF forward, outside partner.
    Q. Swing LF and hips right, so that LF crosses RF from behind.
    Q. RF side, continuing with swing.
    QQ. Continue into normal forward lockstep.
    Note, this the way Michele Regal teaches a fishtail, which is different from the way Justin Davis taught a fishtail.
  22. Quick Open Reverse/Four Quick Runs

    Start facing DC. Can get here using spin turn to chasse, or open impetus to wing, etc.
    S. RF forward, outside partner. This is a prep step, not really part of the pattern.
    S. LF forward, in line.
    Q. On ball of foot, turn frame to center, RF side, along LOD. rise a little, but then keep this level.
    Q. Using CBM, turn left to face backing DC, LF back along LOD, still on ball of foot.
    S. RF back, still CBM, still along LOD. At most, let heel kiss the floor.
    From this point, can either go into chasse and the rest of the basic, or four quick runs.
    Four quick runs.
    QQ. Back on ball on foot, two steps, LF, RF, outside partner, DW.
    QQ. Lock step.
  23. Back Open Promenade to Wing

    Start with first half of V6
    Where I would pivot on right foot to DW, now turn into promenade, going down LOD, and continue with a wing.
  24. Scatter Chasses

    Start with Open Impetus.
    Q. RF forward.
    Q. Cut across partner, hopping onto LF, so that I am facing center.
    Q&Q&Q. Two chasses to the right.
    Q. Hop onto RF, going around behind lady, to end up facing wall.
    Q&Q&Q. Two chasses to the left.
    Q. Hop onto LF, going around behind lady, to end up facing center.
    Q&Q&Q. Two chasses to the right.
    Q. Hop onto RF, turning frame to face DC, hopefully DW for new LOD.
    Q&QQ. Two forward locks.
    Q. LF forward.
    Continue with first half of natural turn.