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West Coast Swing Notes

Note! These are notes from dance classes prior to 2004. They are archived here for occasional reference.

Notes and Tips:
  • Michelle Kincaid suggest that when movement is lead, then the lady is taking walking steps. When movement is not being lead, then the lady takes triple-steps.
  1. Throwout

    Starting from closed hold. Two triple steps, going around partner clockwise. Next step is either rock step with left foot, or step to side. CW RF. On next triple step, QT left releasing right hand, lead out with left. We end up facing each other in single hand hold down the slot.
  2. Advanced Throwout

    Start from closed position. Two triple steps, going around partner clockwise. LF hook. RF side, lead her to change direction of rotation. Triple step, lead her to head back down slot. Anchor step, let go of closed hold.
  3. Sugar Push

    Open hold, facing each other down slot.
    1. Step back, leading her to walk with me.
    2. RF 3rd position, turning left hip back for shaping, offer my RH for her to stop against.
    3. Tap LF in place, maybe slide forward a little, while pushing forward from the hips. My hand should be fixed relative to my body, and there will be a pendulum feeling of tilting my left hip up.
    4. LF forward, sending her back with pressure from my LH.
    5&6. anchor step, leaning back, so that she gets feeling of coming to the end of her rope.
    A variation on this is to walk back four or more steps, instead of just two.
  4. Link to Close

    From open hold. 1, step back and left with LF, drawing her in and getting out of the slot. 2, RF crossed in front of left to get on side of slot. She shouldn't end up going past me on my right. 3n4, 5n6, triple steps.
  5. Right Side Pass

    1. LF side and back, getting out of slot on the left, start her down the slot
    2. RF cross left, to side of slot, even with where I started
    3&4. left triple, turning to face back down slot, and lead her into inside turn, with hand back down by four
    5&6. anchor step
  6. Left Side Pass

    1. LF hook behind RF out of slot, but move back, need to lead her down the slot
    2. RF side, facing across slot, bring LH down to help lead her down slot
    3&4.left triple into slot, turn to face partner
    5&6. anchor step
  7. Right Side Pass with Arm Check

    1. LF side and back, lead her down slot while getting out of it.
    2. RF crosses left to side of slot, can either have her right arm at waist level, like I do with a salsa arm check, or raise it so that her upper arm is parallel to the ground, with RH on her elbow.
    3&4, gently push w/ RH to turn her clockwise, turn to face her.
    Anchor step.
  8. Sugar Push with Outside Turn

    Same footwork as sugar push. Use J-Lead to turn her right, facing away from me, LH at neck level (neck wrap), RH on her left shoulder. 3&4, lead her into outside turn. Anchor Step
  9. Sugar Push with Double Outside Turn

    Same start as Sugar push with Outside Turn. Add an extra turn on 5&6.
  10. Tuck Turn

    From 2-hand hold. 12, like sugar push. 3, Left hand goes up, forearm to forearm. RH, which is really leading this, turns her slight left, winding her up. LF does tap. 4, outside turn, LF steps. Anchor step.
  11. Left Side Passing Tuck Turn.

    1. LF back behind right, like left side pass.
    2. facing across slot, RF side, ask for her left hand if I don't already have it.
    3. LF tap in place, turn her to face me using RH, raise LH up forearm to forearm.
    4. lead her into outside turn, LF step into the slot.
    5&6, anchor step.
  12. Left Side Pass Tuck Turn to Hammerlock and Double Inside Turn

    Start out like Left Side Pass Tuck Turn. Don't let go with RH.
    4. step forward with her, using outside turn to lead her into hammerlock. We end up side to side, facing each other, my LH at shoulder level.
    Anchor step.
    Then 1 2, two steps back.
    3&4, use RH, which is on her back, to propel her into one and a half inside turns. Kind of like starting a lawn mower.
    5&6, anchor step.
  13. Twin Towers

    Start like passing tuck turn, but keep her LH, so she ends up in hammerlock. I end up facing across slot. Then, my foot work is like a throwout, I lead her into one and a half turns, so she ends up facing back down slot.
  14. Basic Whip

    1,2. J-Lead like I am going to do a link to close, but let her go past me, catch her with my RH in closed position.
    3,4. LF taps down slot, then put it down across slot, so I am facing partner. Can also do a triple step, with last step crossing slot.
    5,6. RF hooks behind LF, while turning in closed position, LF side across slot, so I am facing down slot, letting go of closed position.
    Anchor Step.
  15. Sugar Push with Alternating Turns

    Get into R2R hold by changing hands on the last step before the anchor step in the previous pattern
    1, LF back
    2, cw RF, QT right
    3, QT right, tap LF side, bring RH over head for my UAT
    4, half turn right, sticking my RH out to side to lead her into outside turn, and place LF side
    5&6, anchor step, she should have completed her turn.
  16. Sweetheart Swivels to Flares and Free Spin

    1, R2R, LF back and side (out of slot), offer LH above RH
    2, RF cross LF, lowering RH (and twisting a little clockwise), after she places LF.
    34, by lowering RH and lifting LH, lead her to half turn left, so that I end up with my RH holding hers at her right waist or hip, LH held out at waist level.
    5678, side together, lead her to swivel down slot
    9&10, turn her right, she will do a coaster step, while my hands switch positions.
    11&12, turn her left, another coaster step back the other way.
    13&14, let go of RH, lead her into free spin.
  17. Left Side Pass with Face Loop

    Start her down slot like left side pass, take LH over head, tap on 3, half turn right on 4, anchor step
  18. Face Loop, Arm Slide, Lady's Spin to Closed Position

    Start with Left Side Pass with Face Loop
    At end of that, only QT, putting her hand on my right shoulder and letting it slide down my right arm to catch it with my RH, and I will have her on my right
    12, start her down slot, while getting out of it myself
    3&4, lead her into ccw freespin
    5&6, catch her up, catching her back, and closing up
    Advanced Throwout
  19. Left Side Pass with Face Loop to Left Side Pass with Lunge

    Left side pass with face loop, ending it by letting her hand slide down my shoulder to my RH, I am facing across slot
    12, Lunge to left, start her down slot
    34, hold, at end switch her hand to my LH
    5&6, anchor step
  20. Lock Whip

    12, lead like right side pass, but keep both hands
    34, we get into cuddle, I tap step side, then all the way across the slot, and on 3, she comes to the lock (I stop her), and she does a coaster step.
    56, RF hook, LF side, end up facing other way down slot, while releasing the RH.
    7&8, anchor step
  21. Lock Whip with Hip or Shoulder Pull

    Same as Lock Whip, but instead of cuddle, pull straight back on hip or shoulder
  22. Swivels

    12, bring her to me, get both hands at waist level
    3, weight on RF, turn knees right
    &, turn knees left, straighten out left leg with foot pointing up
    4, turn knees back right, bringing left leg even with right again, and place weight on left foot.
    5&6, repeat pattern for 3&4, going the other way.
    7, tap LF in place, pushing her back out.
    8, LF forward.
  23. Lock Whip to Hammerlock

    Start with lock whip.
    On count 6, start leading her into one and a half turns clockwise, so that I have her in hammerlock at end of anchor step
    Exit with right side pass with one and a half turns
  24. Closed Whip

    Start with Basic Whip up to count 4, then once I get around her, do a triple step in promenade. It feels in the end like a pivot turn, and I can do several more before ending with the last triple step
  25. Coaster Step

    Several variations on this idea. To illustrate:
    3. RF back.
    &. LF feet together.
    4. RF forward.
  26. Left Side Shadow to Free Spin Exit

    Taught by Steve Rebello, 2002.11.16
    Get man's RH to lady's right forearm.
    12, lead lady in like sugar push, and get out of slot to right. Don't let lady get past me.
    3&4. Lead lady to do coaster step, ending up facing back down slot, with my left arm on her back. I just hold position.
    5&6. Lead lady to step forward, and do free spin right. I step into the slot with my right foot on 6.
  27. Left side tuck and turn to hammerlock, 4 triple run.

    123&45&6. Left side tuck and turn to hammerlock.
    12. Lead lady two steps forward down slot. I may or may not need to travel.
    3&4. Lead lady into inside turn, unwinding her. I step, replace, and then step with LF pointing down slot.
    5&6. Continue inside turn into cuddle, I step to right side of slot, so I am facing across, and lady is facing down slot.
    7&8. Releasing RH, lead lady to run-run-run down slot, like left-side pass.
    9&10. Anchor step.
  28. Left to right underarm catch.

    A pattern to link to closed.
    12. Start like underarm pass.
    3&4. As lady does inside under arm turn turn catch her back into closed position. I step LF down slot, RF together, LF side down slot, turning to face across slot, so I will have turned three quarters right.
    5&6. In closed position, continue turning another half turn, continuing down slot, so that I do another half turn right, and will be facing a quarter turn right from where I started.
  29. Coaster check to outside turn throwout.

    Starting from closed position.
    12. Side rock as in basic throwout.
    3&4. Holding my foot position, lead lady to go down slot and do a coaster step facing back the way she came.
    5&6. Lead lady into traveling outside turn back down slot. On 6, I step with my right foot into the slot.
  30. Left side pass with inside turn to spring and release.

    12. Start like left side pass. On 2, have my LH far enough out to wind her up a little to her right.
    3&4. One and a half inside turn for lady, while I chase after her, catching her back with my RH to end up in face to face closed position.
    5&6. Spring. Lead lady to start stepping back, and then stop before she steps, to lead her to spring.
    From here I can go into any throwout I like.
  31. Spring

    RF back, taking right hip, but not shoulders, with it, so don't commit weight to it.
    Replace weight on LF.
    RF feet together.
  32. Whip with grapevine and slide.

    Make sure I have room to my left for this one.
    123&4. Start like whip.
    56. From where I started, step RF diagonal left, leading lady to step back. Then step LF side, perpendicular to our original slot.
    7&8. Grapevine left, lead lady to step hook, side, cross, as I do the same. Compress on 8.
    9 10 11. Step right, in a drag, not putting my weight over LF until 11.
    12. Replace weight to RF.
    Throwout into slot parallel from where we started.
  33. Right side pass to shadow, cross swivels, and right underarm turn

    Start in R2R hold.
    123&4. Left side pass to inside turn to end up in shadow position, my RH holding her RH on her right shoulder, and L2L.
    5678. Lead lady to swivel down slot, I just walk straight. I can end at any point, just need to make sure her last step was on RF.
    9&10. Lead lady's traveling outside turn, one and a half to end up facing me down slot while I follow her.
    On next sugar push, loop her RH over my head, while I substitute pushing her hip with my LH for the usual compression of the sugar push.
  34. Reverse Throwout

    From closed position.
    Two triple steps.
    1. Man's LF hooks, lead lady to start walking down slot on my left.
    2. RF side, out of slot, lady keeps walking down slot.
    3&4. Lady does triple run down slot, while man turns right under his left arm.
    Anchor step.
  35. Side Pass/Lady's Inside Turn

    Start in open position, R2R.
    1. Man's LF back, and turn left to face across slot, leading lady to step down the slot.
    2. Step in place, lady continues to walk.
    3&4. Triple step in place, take lady's right hand around her ccw and then up, to lead her into one and a half chainé turn.
    Anchor step.
    Variation 1. Follow with sugar push, combing myself with RH, and checking her with my LH on her right hip.
    Variation 2. Remain facing across slot while she turns, and comb myself with RH at end of turn, letting her RH slide down my arm for the anchor step.
    Variation 3. Comb myself like in variation 2, but keep the hand, and lead her into a sugar push like in variation 1.
    Variation 4. Like variation 3, but extend the sugar push with an even number of steps.
  36. Basic Whip to Inside Turn

    Start like Basic Whip up until beat 4.
    56. Lead lady into to two walks straight down slot, while I hook RF, and turn to face back down slot on 6, while I raise her arm up as in a right side pass.
    7&8. Lady does inside half turn while we both do an anchor step.
  37. Basic Whip to Outside Turn

    Basic Whip until beat 4.
    56. Same steps as basic whip for man. Leads lady into outside under arm turn, half turn on each step.
    7&8. One more half turn for lady, to complete one and a half turns down slot, and last two steps finish anchor step, as man does anchor step.
  38. Checked Whip

    Starts like Basic Whip until step 4.
    5. Man's RF crosses in front, towards lady. Lady steps slightly back with LF.
    6. Man replaces weight to LF, lady steps forward.
    7&8. While man does anchor step, leads lady into half-turn outside down slot.